Although we do our very best to provide you with the highest level of customer service, sometimes things can still go wrong, and in the event you do not find our service satisfactory, there are several ways to get the assistance you need. Please select from the complaint options below, and let us know what happened and how we can help you.


For fast service, you can contact our Customer Support representatives, who are available from Monday to Friday, 5.00-21.00 GMT and let them help you talk through your issues to reach a satisfactory conclusion. For a comprehensive list of our phone numbers worldwide, please visit our Contact Us page.

Live Chat:

To speak with a representative, all you need is an internet connection. Get started by clicking LiveChat  now!


You can also file a more formal complaint by filling in this form and emailing it to us at [email protected].

Alternatively, you can print the form and mail it to us at the following address:

Nuntius Brokerage & Investment Services Dragatsaniou 6 Athens 10559, Greece

Fill in your complaint form

In order for our dedicated team to handle your complaint in the most timely and efficient matter, please ensure that your complaint includes the following:

  • Your name and surname 
  • Your trading account number
  • The affected transaction numbers, if applicable
  • The date and time that the issue arose
  • A description of the issue
  • Supporting information/evidence
  • The redress you wish to receive


The Customer Support and Compliance Departments will thoroughly examine all complaints to reach a fair outcome.

Upon receipt of the complaint, we will:

  • Send you an acknowledgment response within 24 hours
  • Send an official resolution within 21 days of receiving full information regarding the complaint
  • Inform you accordingly

Please note that we may request further information and/or supportive documentation during the investigation process and that lack of cooperation may delay the investigation and the resolution of your complaint.

Fill in your complaint form

Our complaint form serves for all complaints, regardless of their respective department.

Please choose from the above options and let us know how we can improve and how we can help you.

We are waiting to hear from you!


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