Crypto Currencies

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Crypto Currencies

Crypto Currencies are digital / virtual currencies used for secure and instant transfer of “value” on a global basis.

They are operated by a decentralized authority (peer to peer) thus characterized by lower transaction fees compared to the existing online payment networks. Crypto Currencies are powered by its users, without the need for intermediaries or central authorities.

An example of Crypto Currencies is the Bitcoin.

Crypto Currencies are used for payments by numerous businesses and individuals.

On you will find CFDs for the most traded bonds in the world, which you will be able to trade even with small amounts of money with the help of the leverage, being able to profit both from rising interest rates and lowering interest rates.

The price of a Crypto Currency is based on demand and supply.

Crypto Currencies trading, through CFD’s, has become very popular since you can easily trade it against the most popular currencies (USD, EUR and other). The specific market is highly volatile.

Potential Investors should be aware of the following:

 Transactions on Crypto Currencies are not covered by the “Athens Stock Exchange Members Guarantee Fund”.

 Crypto Currencies are not considered nor regulated as a financial instrument according to MIFID, thus they are not supervised by any capital market competent authority.

INSTRUMENT Spreads (as low as) Leverage (up to)* Size of 1 Lot Trading Hours (GMT)
BTCUSD 150 (USD) 1 : 2 100 00:00 - 24:00


*The product is available only for Polish customers.

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