CFD Trading Conditions

General Overview

  • Order Types: CFDs support all order types.
  • Market Hours:·CFDs are traded according to the exchange hours of the underlying instrument. See the specific instrument for more details.
  • Spreads: CFD spreads are based on the exchange spreads of the underlying instrument. Spreads are dynamic and may change according to market conditions.
  • Currency Conversion: With regard to instruments that are quoted in non-U.S. dollars: their profit or loss (P/L) and pip value will be converted to U.S. dollars immediately and online. For example, a profit of 20.0 points made by trading 100 lots of the DAX30 will immediately be converted into U.S. dollars according to the present EUR/USD rate.
  • Overnight Rollover: CFD Positions left open overnight incur a charge or receive a credit against the size of the position based on the Financing Charge and the Interest Rate Differential between the underlying product and the currency in which it is traded.
  • Please Note:  The MT4 platform calculates overnight rollover at 21:00 GMT and the rollover charge/credit is debited or credited to and from the trading account. On Wednesday at 21:00 GMT, overnight rollover fees are multiplied by three (x3) in order to compensate for the upcoming weekend.
  • Interest Rate Differential: is the difference in the interest rate between the product one is trading and the currency in which the product is denominated.

    How to calculate overnight rollover

  • Formula: (Interest Rate Differential – Financing Charge)/36000 x Base Value x Units per Lot x Relevant Exchange Rate.



ZTO -0.174 -0.124
Lululemon -0.639 -0.457
BBBeyond -0.436 -0.312
DaveBuster -0.354 -0.253
Synaptics -0.807 -0.576
USDBRL -119.044 28.809



Instrument Leverage Min Trade Size of 1 Lot Spreads Trading Hours
Lululemon (Lululemon Athletica inc.) 05:01 0.01 100 0.2 USD 13:31- 20:00
BBBeyond (Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. ) 05:01 0.01 100 0.15 USD 13:31- 20:00
DaveBuster (Dave & Buster's Entertainment, In 05:01 0.01 100 0.1 USD 13:31- 20:00
Synaptics (Synaptics Incorporated) 05:01 0.01 100 0.2 USD 13:31- 20:00

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