Trade Bonds With KeyStock 

Trading Bonds with KeyStock has never been easier

Although most investors are familiar with stock trading, bonds are another category of financial instruments which attracts a lot of traders.

Investing in bonds is an essential tool for diversifying any investment portfolio and by using the Keystock trading platform traders can monitor bond positions with a view to increasing profitability and preserving capital. Keystock supports their clients trading with a wide range of government and corporate bonds.

At the most basic level, bonds are loans. As people obtain loans from banks, governments and institutions borrow money from the public, in the form of bonds. Once the bonds reach maturity, the issuer needs to pay an interest rate which is decided based on the movements from the market. 

On you will find CFDs for the most traded bonds in the world, which you will be able to trade even with small amounts of money with the help of the leverage, being able to profit both from rising interest rates and lowering interest rates.

Benefits of trading Bonds with Keystock include:

  Low bond trading commissions

  Extensive list of corporate, sovereign and government bonds

  Comprehensive monitoring with Keystock’s trading platform

Types of Bonds:

  U.S. Treasury debt securities

  Municipal bonds

  Corporate bonds


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Instrument Spreads (as low as) Leverage (up to)* Size of 1 Lot Trading Hours (GMT)
Gilt10Y 0.60 (GBP) 1:5 1,000 Monday - Friday 07:10 - 17:00
GER10YBond 0.60 (EUR) 1:5 1,000 Monday - Friday 06:00 - 20:00
US30YBond 0.60 (USD) 1:5 1,000 Sunday - Friday 22:01 - 20:59
US10YNote 0.60 (USD) 1:5 1,000 Sunday - Friday 22:01 - 20:59

* During daily breaks and in major news, spreads might widen

Leverage is estimated and depends on the real-time value of the instrument. 

Between 15:00 GMT and 04:25 GMT, spreads of PLN pairs might be widened to 120.

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